14 June 2012

we are not a thesis

I sit here in the drift of jaws
mouths without mouths
jobs immune to the blue note bottleneck of slump
silhouettes in suits
twinges and
crag hearts 
totem poles
our fading compasses
our typewriters in the brilliant light of dawn
hemmed into a line a stuttering army of consciousness
arising like the wet dew meets my feet
it's staccato breath a strange calligraphy
cocooned in a trance like serpentine song
twisting into the room
DNA dog ends of dignity disappearing into the
warm air of night
monogrammed skin
pleated into splintering cloth
names cast into the light
Helios and Apollo in a brothel of calm 
are we tender
brutal illuminations 
a thesis a carcass craving for a calling
hover like doves 
amongst the fog of many
many if's
this family of forged forbearing
pressure pressure
valves that stimulate forgiveness
the lampshade knows
to stay perfectly still
and the towels still dry 
my heart still beats and 
this language wraps around the throat of this word 
this word

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