31 July 2013

I keep forgetting to mention I moved my blog here:

01 May 2013

a month
a middle name 
a young god 
a curve
one revolution
one circuit
one edge 
overlapping the groove

29 April 2013

the gone
the ghost
the last train home

28 April 2013

I am a graveyard
if I cant dance
so I do and I do 
and I eat 
the night 
with ambivalence and yen 
kissing both cheeks using no words
kin of old queens
kin of queer
kin of sharing
your last cigarette 

27 April 2013

in the ask
in the hips
of hello
and the abstract
sense of time
it's nice to meet you
in the grey
ocean of your mouth
and the history
of your skin
in the tide
of your tongue
it's nice to meet you

26 April 2013

you multiplied
into your skin 
into the concrete hymn of the bend
it was data
it was tender as the bite
it was an arrow 
it was blood
it was an outline
a calm
circumference that coiled
into the meta

24 April 2013

swallow the swelled 
sense of rage
the pinch points 
the punch
the context
through the needle
into the wider 
mouth of us
draw blood