31 August 2012

these multitudes, these circles, this pulse

in my neck these brazen multitudes
slow circles
an honest pulse

I am only lines this pulse
shepherding the traces of you your multitudes
drinking you from the stone your circles

widening with the wind your circles
ravaged like your pulse
wrapped in the arms of your multitudes

these multitudes these circles this pulse

28 August 2012

"Picasso, darling"

I saw you sober once
and you were not
or more
lonely by the roundel
talking to air
frustrated gasps
of breath
a point made
with the hand
your shoes
half off your feet
I asked you 
who your favourite poet was
you said
"Picasso, darling"
and danced along the platform
adjusting the edge
of your voice 
making the vowels 
sound thinner
I am a wall
a pivot 
I am a dropped
I've seen you fall
down the station steps
and you bled
in a way we all do
I've seen you bare your arse 
in the bus station on Sundays
I've watched you sleep
in that thick woollen coat
I saw you sober once
and you were not
or more

25 August 2012

this train, the elephant

Painting by Borg de Nobel please check out her work

this train, the elephant in the room
the crow
ribs promised into wings, the fog
in his gut
hoops double headed days
high rise tower block, the wall
the cull of forward
this train, the elephant 
in the room momentum in three
directions and one
transfer of weight

23 August 2012

is a window

I am a whole
unedited person
I have no chapters
my body
cannot answer your questions
this velocity
in a straight line
at a constant speed
context intact 
to the back wall of instinct
due due duality
she counts
the plastic slats, wraps the cord 
around her fingers 
gently pulling till the window
is a window 
in a straight line
at a constant speed
their gossamer 
tissue paper thin
wishful thinking
drag your fingers across 
this charcoal, smudge 
definition till 
your fingertips are dirty 
and the page a blurring drag
of art
till the window
is a window 
in a straight line
at a constant speed

21 August 2012

bus stop sunset

this thistle wind
levitating tongue
this carbon
this butterfly
half born type set
printing press sky
this lino cut dusk
I decorate this
with endless night
I turn the tap
this cold chrome
dog day delta
sun sets
behind the tower block behind the civic slabs of stoic concrete
behind my back
days dim days stack
and I escape or am
escaped from
I queue
to go home
rag doll Aslan on her ruck
my only

14 August 2012

bastard villanelle

this bastard
wont let me write about wild flowers on rooftops or
coal loading staithes, absent
so I shrug 
and I sulk
waiting for the bolder to roll
it's territorial teeth
bared and bold
backing me into a corner
a cul
this bastard

clay feet 

mid air

she's in between
she's almost there

what is unbearable she must bear
the constant now
clay feet mid air

this taciturn communion air
the fallen...fell
she's almost there

this vaudeville unending prayer
his bone dry womb
clay feet mid air

straw men collide with excess flare
a shrug a wink
she's almost there

this bastard villanelle laid bare
a slip of form
clay feet mid air
she's almost