14 June 2012

(spaces between)

it was never one voice

a cacophony of splintered charcoal on his back
the constant shadow of rain an endless beat 
is a lexis 
only limited by diffraction
obstacles and microscopes
an ashtray full of sand
in a time before machines
nan madol
(spaces between)
he's my 1966 Judas
the night barks 
it really does
sound hollowed out of the silence of quiet lives
feet on pavements 
cracking the ground with sharp heels
punctuating concrete with lens flare clarity
how we blur
melt meld
still wanting definition
we are ink
soaking into paper compassion 
is a lexis the guts of a poem
nan madol
an endless beat
morpheus butterfly
or the monarchs that migrate
from August till the first frost
a perforated cycle 
of generations
seed and spore
we are ink
soaking into paper

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