23 June 2012

Memphis Toffee Bees

in the twist
he is
one ragged curl
bitten through despairing time
ten troughs air an aged tongue
blackened stone a gnomon's trick
lacked a monk
a no mans lick
Faustus you have flimmed the tale
turned it on it's broken head
a careful sway
an upturned pulse
your vulgar ache has dulled to bliss 
This is offered as part of dverse poets Logophilia 1. There's plenty of playing with words, in the twist he is. Mephistopheles becomes Memphis Toffee Bees,  ten trough air an aged tongue is an anagram of the line before it. There's a made up word in there, another anagram and some general tom foolery with words.


Claudia said...

very cool..seems you had fun.. no idea how the anagram writing works but def. have to check it out..this is a clever weave...enjoyed it

Brian Miller said...

interesting....liking the word play...could not find the anagram in that line but will try to look again...

cat said...

I'm confusing myself!

"one ragged curl

one line is an anagram of the other whereas

"bitten through despairing time
ten troughs air an aged tongue"

is one line playing with the other "ten troughs air" is torn out of the line before it.

Same goes for

"blackened stone a gnomon's trick
lacked a monk"

Mary said...

I enjoyed the word play(loved the word 'flimmed' and the tomfoolery in your write.

Heaven said...

I like the word play specially the gnomon's trick lacked a monk ~

Daydreamertoo said...

Very clever play on words. So much in it all too. said...

Oh what fun, I am especially fond of anagrams as my maiden name is Anna Graham - ha. My English teachers always got a big kick out of that. Your wordplay and general trickery is fantastic!

Laurie Kolp said...

This is way cool! said...

I think this is brilliant, love the word play and the reference to Marlowe (my favourite), his Faustus etc. Great playful tone - and, come to think of it, Faustus is a just a great name for a tom cat.

Dave King said...

This is poetry playing with us. "What are the words using us for?" Wonderful stuff!

ds said...

This is a brilliant gnomon's trick. Love the language, the wordplay, your personal "flimming" of the tale (but I am grateful for the explanations). What fun you had! THank you.

zongrik said...

i think this is a brilliant play on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, soo sooooo cool

bonus track

Dark Angel said...

Wow you really made those words play for you! Fun.

ordinarylifelessordinary said...

Word play with an intelligent edge, nicely done.

jane hewey said...

clever anagraming... this is a terrifically fun read!