24 July 2011

fine lines

in twists of paint
on the canvas
in the carnage of crooked ideology
in the comfortless
of addiction
fine lines
Kings cry
in church pews
fine lines
our cultural cortex imbued
by the mathematics
of constant
and educated
spree killer bloodshed
torpedo speed of a shutter lens
pull focus! pull focus!
fine lines
CEO's send aides
to the dry cleaners
on her shoulder
fine lines

15 July 2011

18 across

walking through a four car train on an eight car run in an oblong full

of the suited and booted, the margins of their manners

slimmed and tenuous, I stitch my way through the carriages like a clumsy ballerina

like coarse twine trying to thread its way through silk

I dink the corner of a boutique paper bag

its owner clasps it to her shins

surreptitiously smoothing

its freshly formed creases 

I shuffle my feet around laptop bags and briefcases, I notice zip pocket pen holders

empty of pens, I press my work boots down

onto the toes of a woman staring studiously at her crossword

she turns her head

her grey flecked fringe sways

pen still pressing on the black and white squares

I touch her shoulder and say sorry, a muted sentence falls to the floor and flinching

she retreats 

back to 18 across

at the end of the fourth car, into the rear cab, I join a resting driver

he unfolds a seat from the wall, tapping it with a hand full of sovereign rings

I sit, looking out

of the widescreen window

watching track

roll away from me

as if I'm 

rewinding myself somehow

we talk about death at 90mph

about signals and fag breaks

the hegemony behind us


14 July 2011


a cathedral builds itself
inside my body
stained glass windows break
into the bloodlight of my gut
my ribs a vaulted ceiling for whatever
I am
 in this coagulating mutation
in the simplicity of time
moving on

10 July 2011

tessellating time

Photograph by Neil Alexander  

tessellating time
dissipating movement
twisting through the hues
of breathing in
and breathing out
eyes parked perched
in their sultry 
sentry sockets
in the stillness 
of  liquid
in the hush 
of the flow

offered as part of the penultimate One Shot Sunday over at One Stop Poetry   


09 July 2011


she does this discreetly
it goes to the core of coping
your inside yourself
your stone blue spinal column
not able to look out
to challenge the status quo of
to change from theories into a formula for breathing 

08 July 2011

Artwork by Bonnie of Original Art Studio

lights hung high like
nervous bystanders
shape of the room
the whitewashed
plaster board
finds it's hinges
and swings
where people
stand hands sunk
into pockets
staring at the
on the wall
clandestine hypnotists
in the pigments

Offered as part of Friday Poetically hosted by Brian Miller over at One Stop Poetry

06 July 2011

you drip away baby (parts one,two and free)

you drip away baby

through the blues///new shoes

you slip away

along my shifting seams

the landscape re-arranging re-enraging

same old themes

you drip away baby

through the blues///new shoes

you slip away

along my shifting seams

the landscape re-arranging re-enraging

same old themes

was it

was it <> we-spent

was -it-<<>>-well-spent

was it mine at all?

shifting seams baby

same old themes

I'll fight not to give you that

tender hurts

I'll have to fight not to give you that

you drip away baby

cold blood on warm skin

just slip away baby

from underneath and in between

same old seams baby

shifting themes

tender hurts baby

you drip away

as you remember me

as I remind you

you rolled in it

your role in it

its role in me


for the heart unbroken anymore

for my hearts not broken anymore

still you haunt me almost flaunt me

stroking the back of my mind, now my mind is revolving

you drip away

through the blues///new shoes

you slip away

along my shifting seams

you slip away

a long day daze smoothed


into one big line of excitement

I'm all built

to explore further virtues

almost like the shadows stepped back

leaving one big white patch

and I froze

fingers allbent sharp not sure what to do stay


I'm thinking about staying still

got a little gap of serenity

my ears are gliding

on the thermals you create

my shields colliding

with the aliveness you awake

lots of thoughts i guess

its still tomorrow

i'm just re-watching re-peating the pattern

and singing in the background

your sweet voice surrounding

even if these thoughts run into others

its O.K

they can clash in the corridor

like two arch-enemies and still

find a way to continue walking

in the opposite direction

but maybe only for today

amongst all this generosity

that leaves me crooked, crick in my back

I'm surrounded by things to make and do

and the tools I need are all here too

so what am i waiting for

waiting for nothing

but its an endless comfortable place

not exactly a space

strange night

I dont remember the daylight

just the weight and the pressure

and the grace of the measure


straight line

she twists like I was me

walks past pouncing.


and your still there

still in my hair

long enough to catch you

strong enough to match you

look how

its wrong

these little tiny pieces

i wished

i'd payed attention

cared to mention

how sly the cut

how deep the wound

took a while to find to drip away baby

I wished

i'd saved the tension

through the blues///new shoes

you slip away

time falls sideways


she never really came back

first time she opened the door

she knew what it was for

and she kept walking

because she never had before

there were circles

kept on bringing you back round

but she never really came back

first time

she landed running

fast and straight

time falls sideways


through the blues///new shoes

you slip away