26 June 2011

Mono no aware

Photograph taken by Adam Romanowicz

she is a promise in a transient grave
bursting into life from the cocoon
of her language,
hung in tufts of chalk dust alphabets
through the letting go of time
and the cleaving of the wind
I wait to drag her death into my mouth
and for the bridge 
of her rolling tongue
to meet me in this burial ground
somei yoshino
somei yoshino watches
as Newtons two thumbs pull
her poetry towards me
Mono no aware
I wait
for her lexicon to take
its first and only breath

offered as part of One Stop Poetry’s Sunday Picture Prompt Challenge

25 June 2011

Do you want to know a secret?
Even the foothills are poised to be
perfectly formed small wonders
(deep retreats) as if
mountains had been reborn
into lively districts

21 June 2011

twisted fists, ancient rivets

Yew Tree, Dartington Gardens

Like fat matted
dreadlocks of time tumbling
down the shoulders
of history sat, slunk
into the wet earth
bulbous, serene
twisted fists, ancient rivets
by my warm palms
forearms pulling
the weight
of me
boots scuffed, slipping
on the lichen
fingers hooked between
knots of old memories
as I centre my balance
wind persuading the leaves to pray
singing ambient arias
and I
in abstract awe
as the ballast of my body clings
to a thousand years of nature
sat, slunk
into the wet earth
bulbous, serene

offered as part of One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday

17 June 2011

James Rosenquist  

she fell into the frame
her story clotting on the canvas
the passing
thoughts of strangers
clawed across her gauge
itching her id
her pantry abstract

offered as part of One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically

05 June 2011

driftwood ribs

When there is no confluence
When the dry
Riverbed of my mind
I walk my thoughts
Into the ocean
I give my context
To the tide
I give
My driftwood ribs
Back to Adam
Until I am nothing
And everything


Inspired by Rob Hanson's photograph "Endless Pier Summer
Offered as part of One Shot Poetry's One Shoot Sunday