05 June 2011

driftwood ribs

When there is no confluence
When the dry
Riverbed of my mind
I walk my thoughts
Into the ocean
I give my context
To the tide
I give
My driftwood ribs
Back to Adam
Until I am nothing
And everything


Inspired by Rob Hanson's photograph "Endless Pier Summer
Offered as part of One Shot Poetry's One Shoot Sunday


Brian Miller said...

driftwood ribs back to adam....very nice line...and love the philosophy in the last two lines

dustus said...

Great use of symbolism. It seems to me you capture a very telling paradox at the end with your seeming reconciliation of nothing and everything—through felt personal "connection."

Claudia said...

walking thoughts into the ocean..this paints a beautiful image of letting go..

bringingwordstolife said...

Lovely poem Cat - feels like you've dissolved into the ocean on your creative search :) Steve

elisasspot said...

OH! I like it! I love the way you repainted for me a way to see the image.

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Going with the flow so the flow connects!

wurdz said...

i walk my thoughts into the ocean...very nice.this is exactly what i feel when standing on the edge of the sea.i toss all cares away.

Madame Sweetcheeks said...

Quite lovely; well-crafted. Every time I read it. x