21 June 2011

twisted fists, ancient rivets

Yew Tree, Dartington Gardens

Like fat matted
dreadlocks of time tumbling
down the shoulders
of history sat, slunk
into the wet earth
bulbous, serene
twisted fists, ancient rivets
by my warm palms
forearms pulling
the weight
of me
boots scuffed, slipping
on the lichen
fingers hooked between
knots of old memories
as I centre my balance
wind persuading the leaves to pray
singing ambient arias
and I
in abstract awe
as the ballast of my body clings
to a thousand years of nature
sat, slunk
into the wet earth
bulbous, serene

offered as part of One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday


Diana Lee said...

What a wonderful read! And the photo is amazing.

Timoteo said...

Glad I discovered you today!

Brian Miller said...

this is gorgeous word play, your flow is intense and playful at times...a delight to read cat...

Judge Whisky said...

I love your poetry.

pandamoniumcat said...

This is so good...I love it and the photo. I'm coming back to read again.

Lynne said...

strong words here to respectfully pair with your strong picture.. many good lines here..

nicely done!

Pat Hatt said...

Strong and forceful write, nice wordplay too.

dustus said...

Great descriptions in the first to lines to hook the reader. The free form and flow fit the journey very well. Always enjoy reading your poetry.

hedgewitch said...

Trees can have very expressive personalities for such alien (to us) life forms. You build great tension here between human enterprise and the endurance that is nature's. Amazing pic, and a fine poem.

Paige said...

Haunting, delicious poem. I love the repetition of "bulbous, serene," and how you play with the physical shape of the lines.
Purely awesome.

chris said...

Wow, this is wonderful. Love the imagery. So glad I dropped by.