17 June 2011

James Rosenquist  

she fell into the frame
her story clotting on the canvas
the passing
thoughts of strangers
clawed across her gauge
itching her id
her pantry abstract

offered as part of One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically


Brian Miller said...

oh snap, love it! the clotting, clawed, itching her id...intense...and the rather abstract end...sends the mind a spooling which is at its essence pop art...

C Rose said...

You have absolutely captured the essence of not only the prompt image but pop art as a whole in these words. Great poetry ~ Rose

JL Dodge said...

Hi there cat !
This is my first time here and I am so happy to read you I dont want to leave...teeheehee !
Loved what you have done with the prompt !
Following you !!

Sean Vessey said...

Great play on the prompt.... I knew pop art is a trap for the unwary

Henry Clemmons said...

The opening was/is/and will be top notch. The entire piece was clever. You nailed the prompt and captured me from the start. SUPERB as always.

Mark Kerstetter said...

And now she's just a pretty picture, or can she somehow scratch her way out?