08 January 2013

writing on

This is a collaborative piece with Leanne who's words you can find at Elegantly Jaded

the first wall we wrote on:

second hand time
the was of you
silk thread black tie
circumstance tailored to dark night
seams of a stitched sunrise
strength of a echo etched
alphabets genuflect
archivists ache in and out in and out
in a celestial library
memory my twisted sister
taunts from A to Z
hallelujah is a hole
no fairytale bucket list or materialists goal
object is subject skin is edge
hell is a precipice
an absence
the ceiling:

gone is the gone of love
incongruent unity
scalene horizon how we reach
our balance
latitudinal ballast
rest in the anchor of ground sky so lonely
it cries rust
in this wasteland womb
dripping time
between alcoves and shades of being
mystic mouths in the dust
pupils dilate us into seeing
holy cunts in absolute arcs 
reinventing the sky so lonely
second hand time


the second wall we wrote on:

un     becoming the hue that killed me
malleable                         parameters
spun in the sinkhole of pith
dissolving boulders loosening shoulders with it's current
open tuning the air the air it's there
sighs sung cries strung along
a nubile vista
the honesty of our bodies
alternating breaths like a piston
ricochet aurora
love's projectile no projection
infinite ache
a heart's gate


the mirror:

of my old story
I kiss
her obtuse lips
dialogue angling
for a reaction


the wall with the painting on it:

alongside the intimacy of ink
gentleman quills duel
jarred by the solemnity
of vowels
suspended in
invisible ink
language accumulates in the edge of risk
corner of the mouth semnatics


earthgirl said...

just yeah...and, oh yeah

Brian Miller said...

dang...very the interspersal of the visual poetry as well...very cool collab...

Laurie Kolp said...

I really like "alphabets genuflect" & "wasteland womb" & "a heart's gate incessant essence" & the last one.

marousia said...

Fantastic! Some really vivid imagery