15 January 2013

is a

gender is

drawn on a map ------in invisible ink  border    less
meaning                    less
______ is  a construct
______ is a muscle 
the shape
of the ache 
you are
(and the whole world refracts you)
stained glass sister 
brother of light 
your body  is 
your body 
no / body 
this is not about anatomy or me 
or me or me 
we are ritual 
consecutive doubt 
we are conundrum 
a thought that uncoils itself 
we are rosaries 
under my skin 
we are gardens


Brian Miller said...

is a muscle the shape
of the ache you are...nice...and love that we are the rosaries as well...there is a tight bit of social commentary just under the surface of this as well

Gretchen Leary said...

I love the last line! So perfect.