26 January 2013

eating pixels

husk of a thought
laid slightly at an angle
of ego exalted
salty taste
of truth
eating pixels with Alice
licking silhouettes
with dry tongues
heavy with a pulse
that aches into context
circuitry of reasons
eat dog perversions
of manifested
pedagogues and punditry
the smooth joy
of an empty canyon
shot with perfect light
like wild calligraphy
echoing into a vast
of meaning
of a thought
laid slightly at an angle
salty taste
of truth


Brian Miller said...

its pretty bad when our truths need to be seasoned eh...gnoshing pixels with alice...yeah we're in wonderland for sure...smiles....

Natasha Head said...

Truth these days is as much pomp and circumstance as what we are forced to suffer thru via networks and acceptable viewing and listening as defined by the masses...fantastic weave! Please pass the salt ;)

hedgewitch said...

The cascade of words is like the ebbing of a wave, pulling one along over the shifty sands and into some moody conclusions I couldn;t agree with more--last lines clinch the deal.Esp like the calligraphy of the wild.

rumoursofrhyme said...

I like the slightly irregular repetitions - which mirrors the way that various media outlets manage to make it hard for us to avoid the messages they really want us to remember.

Sabio Lantz said...

fun image: eating salty pixels of truth

marousia said...

a grain of salt indeed... a provocative piece :)

Dana Dampier said...

This really stimulates all the senses...