01 November 2012

I wish I was you (then)

in burlesque  twists
sly to the monochrome
ribboning entrails
lifting in tandem with
filtered coffee rainbows 
in black
and white
where the disparate seek harmony
with the looming dusk
of never ever after
or a cowboys boot
spurs like catherine wheels
spinning as he twists
his heel into the butt
off the cuff prose
in familiar light
when I crush my cigarette
first second third 
and i'm all colour
no contrast
stealing four minutes from my shift
to suck on nicotine
no trilby
no blue 
every shadow cast
is timid in the tarmac
tie clipped
cuffs a stale grey
I lack
the lacking of the lick
the grasp of night
of broken pain
and pain
I know
with no auteur
without the crispness of the edit
I bleed into the reels
a bore a bore


Brian Miller said...

i feel just the same when i am lacking the colored rainbows....mmm...i love coffee....a few black & whites i would not mind being in, you know...some nice touches in this cat...

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Surreal interplay of imagery here and a definite noir feel

henryclemmons said...

I read and read and read it outloud. It comes to me dofferent each time as certain parts stress more. I know we like comments on meaning, but I am a big fan of sound, and this was a delight. The sounds were fun. Very kool.

Susan Daniels said...

This is wonderfully dark.

Anna Montgomery said...

Wow! I love the imagery and the flow is wicked! I agree with John that the surreal smacks into noir making for fireworks. Thanks so much for joining us.

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

I don't know why but that line drew my attention "filtered coffee rainbows
in black
and white
It made want to really see it in my mind. Good wrok

kkkkaty said...

I so like the flow of this and wouldn't it be fun to film our lives as such, in black & white, Third Man music in the it.

Nico said...

where the disparate seek harmony
with the looming dusk--Henry said it right, this is a delight to read out loud.

mrs mediocrity said...

oh, i love love love this... lost in the brief moments of life that sometimes we don't even notice, and other times are the only moments that make us feel alive.
love this:
"and i'm all colour
no contrast"