13 November 2012

Beyond September

beyond September beyond testing testing
into the military slap of snare
into the neck of naked trees
where robed parliaments make mitres
out of mole hills
where I wait 20 years to taste the
spirit level 
finally testing testing
meet the equilibrium of my faith
zero cant..camber
climbing into echo chambers echo
testing testing
cheap turquoise curtains
our barricade
listening to the sound
the sound
of old throated soldiers
long dead
long dead 
landscape turns to landscape
what were we
before we were car parks?
beyond our second
feeding the crows on our arms
gingerbread muffins pulled apart
by fingers that have loved
and loved and loved
drinking Lebanese coffee
thick and sweet
laughing at Marx
wondering what
is the object
talking about keystones
the load
perspective meets 
pedagogic cogs
text books made of Corvids
and single malt
testing testing beyond
watching skies fill 
from the 19th floor
her heartbeat


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this... sometimes we never quite get our equilibrium and what were we before carparks...indeed!

Brian Miller said...

what were we before we were car that...that line jumped out of me...great cascade in this cat....

Anonymous said...

I always love your energy, and the linework here emphasises the urgency and energy of your words. Because of that I took each word seriously. It was, to me, at the moment of first read and little thought, like time laspe photography/poetry, a quick tram thru time. I enjoyed it a lot.

ayala said...

Nice share, I enjoyed it. :)