29 February 2012

pizzicato punks

anvil marriages
in flux bebop polemics
poli tick tick ticks
I'll demean it Charlie
you, me and Kansas City
boroughs borders bowed
to medieval guilds
privilege smuggled
beneath parliamentary prowess
high res spec
even Atlee sighed
but we
are vectors
walking bass lines
syncopation straying
from cathedral steps
beyond that one square mile
ricocheting splinters
above the heads of aldermen and mayors
altered incubators
fingers curled around the neck
pizzicato punks
scroll to endpin
four quarter notes
to the bar


zongrik said...

i like we are vectors, and the musical allusions at the end.

lots of great images here, and nice alliteration, like syncopation straying

seems like you are a jazz musician


Charles Miller said...

Love the sound and play of dissociation and imagistic juxtaposition. This type of poetry always attracts me since it sabotages the literalistic urge of reason and so the reader finds themselves attempting to find/impose meaning on it, which is what life is mostly about anyway.