05 March 2012

June 1961

I remember steam leaving
I was present in the particles
a guttural coo of air
draining from the bleed holes
side rods, valve gears, pistons
abstracted by the cautious hand
of post war capitol
June 1961
cut from the dying lungs
of the lower don valley
advancing down the branch lines
eager electrons
by circuitry and the unravelling cocoon of suburbia
stitched to the machine of pinstriped pay checks
magnetic north of square mile sailors
atomised around it
a complex
cobweb of commuters
neatly packaged in
8 car parades of necessity
weight of a man
leaning on a dead mans handle


Brian Miller said...

ok, you got wicked flow, this was about 12 years prior to me...carl jung died that year...and the famed war pigeon names g.i.joe....

cat said...

it was 18 years before me, I was still there though... thanks for the kind comments Brian