14 February 2012

fell fall fell

how the unsure wind


just studs

the bare embankment


past tense pageantry

the parallels

parallels find no friction

just the smooth slow

slide of a manufactured


clean you see clean


today the clouds

look like callouses

bruised by the skin

of the sky

and when that sun sets sets

sets split ends

whisper it

split ends copper strands

cross linked polyethylene

insulated orators

we are

insulated orators


Pat Hatt said...

The title was grand and wonderful word combos throughout too, really brings it alive.

hedgewitch said...

Like the way this ambles down the page, stopping and restarting an image, a mood, with a lot of staccato jabs that engage.There's also a mechanical tinge to the word choice and repetition that's esp effective in that last lines. Good stuff.

Brian Miller said...

the clouds look like callouses bruised by the sun....wicked cool lines there....always a journey through your words, with def flow...