14 August 2011

articulate pavements

trying to trace the blood trail back

just ends in Jackson Pollock

suburbs no longer indelible

huddle together, shoulder

to shoulder

our transient resident status

rubber stamped, as articulate pavements

speak with more brilliance than any politician

of the carcasses of buildings

and the weight of feet

of burning bins

24hr courts use law

as a communal comfort blanket

poet laureates call us

to our knees

all the boroughs I’ve glimpsed

through the perspex of a double-decker bus

all the high streets

that have blurred into terraced matrixes

now leaning through my TV

a beginners guide

to citizenry

bookmark still

in the index


Brian Miller said...

the carcasses of building, weighted feet and burning bins...nice grit of the city right the title and its ref in the verse as well...piliticans dont live in that part of the city so they will never know...smiles. nice pollock ref too...

henryclemmons said...

I loved this, Cat. I too liked the line about the carcasses of building and burning bins. Very kool. I like reading about cities and places I haven't been. Great descriptions.

Claudia said...

ha - hate to be repetitive but also loved the building carcasses and burning bins...the gritty touch and heartblood you've worked into your write...great

Arron Shilling said...

Hey Cat,

Great 2 c u @ the bar.

I can really feel the zeitgeist flowing thru your piece.

Some great word play and links with some hard imagery...and you even managed to ref The great JP.


kez said...

great flow and imagery thank you

Natasha said...

Wonderful! There is angst and emotion in your words. Felt, poet! Am loving this traveling adventure this evening :)

Mama Zen said...

The first two lines are absolutely killer!