16 March 2011

in the apse of her sleep

in the apse of her sleep
mosaicked allegories
histories dreams
the minutiae
dissolved in waking
rests here
each tessera
in telling
one story
may you be
by a smooth
teeth baring
may your courage
be ferocious
your body strong
mind slick
as an eel
if you hit a wall
lick the blood
from your face
leave a mark on it
break it down
let the varnish
let the undertones
sink each tiny square
into the cove of your mind
love freely
with a rock in your hand
parry the doubt
strike a spark
love in any direction
be fierce
growl at it
around the stem
of your story
lick your lips
be filled
the panorama
from where I stand

as part of One Stop Wednesday One Stop Poetry


moondustwriter said...

now that poem in reality could be deadly. Really like the words you use ans the way they are used to do your bidding.

Thanks for the poem for One Shot

Brian Miller said...

yeah, i find it to be i want to charge the braveheart battelfield kinda way...

Shashi said...

Very beautiful and evocative.. I enjoyed reading it.
thanks for sharing...

ॐ शांति ॐ
Om Shanti Om
May peace be… pray for People of Japan
Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay said...

The other side of sleep. Flying. Words flowing.

Ghostdog said...

This is one of my favorites as of now. A warriors prayer. A hymn to life undone and re-done.