06 March 2011

how to tell a story

stroke the crevices
of a crumpled piece of paper
smell the dirty walls stained with living
thank the timber structures threading light
illuminating narrative, a monologue
a pause
see the story before
and the one before that
imagine a season
the smell in the air
((It's painted right there))
imagine the texture of a song
each note swinging from the eaves
rip a piece off
an entrail
place it in your pocket
pull the greasy chain of the backdrop pulley
put your full weight into it
climb the scaffolding
sand down the walls until your hands go numb
lick the dust from your wrists and sit
centre stage
((be brave))
and speak

Part of One Stop Poetry's Picture Prompt Challenge. Photograph taken by Jacob Lucas


dustus said...

If I lick dust from my wrists, then... oh never mind. lol Very gritty and raw with sensory descriptions beginning with paint fumes and leading to greasy pulled chains, pieces of entrail, climbing scaffolding... weight, sound, voice, exhaustion. Quite a challenge response!

Elaine said...

Wow...reading that produced lots of emotion. Great wrtiting!

benmind said...

You've captured the gritty details of the true creative effort and all the earth-bound part of self that must be inserted into it. Great!

Steve Isaak said...

Good piece, like the flow and images/action of it. This one really moves, and well.

Brian Miller said...

some vivid the end off an entrail...lick the dust frommy wrist...but it all comes down you speak or not....

Dasuntoucha said...

I would say that this is definitely a way to tell a story...felt.

Beachanny said...

Yes. That is acting; that is art! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

elisasspot said...

MMMMMmmmm Lusty and feeling! I like the feeding frenzy feeling or warning, depending upon what one notices!