16 October 2012

no pyres

for how long
for how much longer
Tuesday quietly
on her knees
breeze softening
the edge the edges
of of
softening the edges
of of 
gone is the old bark
gone is our skin
thin and meaningless
my carcass
kissing your carcass
dead mouths 
feeding new roots
up and out and in and through
the layers
dissonant filigrees 
casting off light
using the dark 
paper of our skin
to wrap these words
in layers
lost geographies converge
along ley lines and hard words
our fence post choices
this wild
wild garden


Brian Miller said...

haha you garden does grow a bit wild...smiles....really fun repetition as well...and the folding and wrapping of the paper skin...nice...

Anna Montgomery said...

lost geographies converge
along ley lines and hard words
our fence post choices

Wow, the whole piece strikes but that brought it all home. Beautifully done!

ayala said...

Some great lines here, nicely penned.

Arron Shilling said...

this is hot!(sublime critique i know!:)the rep works well and the passage anna has picked out is... well - HOT! - late night blog surfing makes me sound like a
teen-geek . . . next week
i'm gonna blog before my
tuesday night Glee-fest!

nice write Cat!

Kim Nelson said...

Filled with friction in the diction, this piece simmers with just-below-the-surface tension. Tight and tense.

PattiKen said...

There's something very haunting and sad about this. I like it.