06 October 2012

eating apples with Žižek

into the casthouse 
eating apples with Žižek
cleansing substance 
licking the bone
pouring ourselves into actuality
melting a hundred thalers
to Kant's dismay
swallowing pig ore as we are made
in the up flow
our slow
declining difference
in Machynlleth
water bailiffs beg the riverbed
to bleed
just colour
when there are no words
pink ribbon
wrapped around the school gate
view point A and view point B
ricocheting endlessly 
across the ache 
of a missing child
my finger 
falls down the map
tracing A roads 
through the Brecon Beacons 
to the stingray shape of home
twice removed 
where Burnyeat & Brown 
sank the pit 
along with part of her heart
and part of his

a little context if you want it, just click on the line you are interested in :

stingray shape of home

missing child/Machynlleth
Žižek(my current read)
a hundred thalers 


Brian Miller said...

a bit surreal...i like the A and B play through out..., the stingray shape of home, intriguing...the missing child, yikes...and def brings the emo in...

cat cray said...

Thanks Brian.
I've added a little context :-)

Brian Miller said...

ok the footnotes def open the doors to parts of the poem...ha on the map, that was cool..ugh on missing girls though....we have a huge furnace near here as well...

Anonymous said...

Wow, chick, excuse me, Cat, this sings and brings the heart right into it. It;s been awhile since I've read you. I like the energy and conviction, the feel of each word in its place. Not just a casual write, I feel words are there for your purpose. At any rate, it worked for me. Very kool.

marousia said...

You had me right from the opening line - lovely play with words and ideas