28 August 2012

"Picasso, darling"

I saw you sober once
and you were not
or more
lonely by the roundel
talking to air
frustrated gasps
of breath
a point made
with the hand
your shoes
half off your feet
I asked you 
who your favourite poet was
you said
"Picasso, darling"
and danced along the platform
adjusting the edge
of your voice 
making the vowels 
sound thinner
I am a wall
a pivot 
I am a dropped
I've seen you fall
down the station steps
and you bled
in a way we all do
I've seen you bare your arse 
in the bus station on Sundays
I've watched you sleep
in that thick woollen coat
I saw you sober once
and you were not
or more


Pat Hatt said...

Well I'm sure the bare arse would be an eyeful haha but yeah equal under the sun.

Brian Miller said...

you were not less when you were sober....that to me is a bit of a cry...for them....

hedgewitch said...

I don't know exactly why(other than that this is extremely good) but I am so saddened reading this, feeling a sense of such waste, of love, of a spirit blinded to its own worth...just excellent writing, seems it would be as painful to write as to read.

(btw is the 'r' on 'your were not' intentional?)

cat said...

you should meet her, I've been watching her travel through the stations I have worked at for almost 7yrs. It was sad to write but I felt compelled to. Thanks for spotting my grammatical error too.

Anonymous said...

wow intense!nice write! i feel the emotions in this one

Anonymous said...

Beautifully compassionate. :)

Buddha3074 said...

Brilliant wording and images!