28 May 2012

I am footnotes

here's to the peace 
of walking
through an empty car park pausing 

at the lonely war memorial a starshock
of marble pointing upwards to a
blue blue sky
I am footnotes
in a small font
at the bottom of a page
I am fake sonnets and dandelions
or is that somebody else
am I somebody else when I'm in these
words and
these words are
in me 

little vignettes
this orchestra of concrete and light
naked flagpoles pose like 

white silhouettes
people talk 
about balancing
here's to the peace
of unoccupied spaces
how my feet
how they sound without other sounds around them
people talk
about balancing


Brian Miller said...

i am rather more fond of wide open spaces...even in feeling small within them i find great comfort...footnote or otherwise...smiles...

Arron Shilling said...

here's to the peace
of unoccupied spaces


great write Cat;
an air of cool reflection
making room for leaving space

footnotes are where the interesting bits are hidden :D

Arron Shilling said...

I am fake sonnets and dandelions:

gotta love that! ;D

Fred Rutherford said...

The I am a Footnote and I am fake sonnets, what a great way to illustrate. Really nice write here. Excellent read. Thanks

Steve Piper said...

I *so* totally identify with this poem, wonderful write!

Natasha Head said...

I think our winning line in this fantastic weave is "here's to the peace/of unoccupied spaces"...this is the type of poetry those spaces are filled with! Absolutely loved the write!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Love the peace of unoccupied space - love your words more.

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I think this is really fantastic. Now I'll go back and read it again :)

^.^ said...

Hi ... cat ... just discovered you ... nice to meet you. Love, cat :) (