24 May 2012


"Lucian" written on the wall
in pencil
tiny brass studs
stick out from the square pavement
as if to suggest
these are the seams
of the city
bouquets of twisted metal bloom across the top of faded red gates
that old padlock
swinging like a pendulum
boxes of aubergines
that look like
genetically modified tears
the grocers stand cries fat purple tears
I start to notice how many cables and pipes run through this station
the chaos
and the confluence of it all
I cry fat purple tears and think about
Raj's favourite god his matted hair the Ganges
flowing from it
time is an ornament on his head
let all our blue throats groan
what poison
what poison we have swallowed
cry with me fat purple tears
let rivers roll from our hair
lets write our names in pencil
stitch ourselves
to these streets
the chaos and
the confluence of it all


Claudia said...

very, very cool...let's stitch ourselves to these streets..heck yes..loved the brass studs like seams of the city...sometimes you wonder where the seams of a city run...oblivious, unnoticed often...and still held together...loved the purple tears as well...loved it all..ha

aprille said...

The connection of two rivers of equal size.

The matted hair and the purple tears, what do they stand for in your thinking world? It doesn't seem all sweetness and light, as they say. And Lucian?

Grandmother said...

genetically modified tears- I think I've cried those in the chaos of it all! I liked this.

Brian Miller said...

oh i really like that...what poison have we swallowed and lov ethe looking around description in this...finding the seams of the city is a bit fun to me you know...

Anonymous said...

Incredible flow, intriguing images and connecting points, very nicely done!

Daydreamertoo said...

Oh, this is fabulous imagery. Purple pear shaped tears. Loved the images through all of this.

Anonymous said...

Cat, I stand in awe. I felt like I was there with you because of the terrific metaphors and similes you created to picture the scene. Clearly, you had your eyes wide open!

hedgewitch said...

Just excellent every word. Anything else I could say would be superfluous. Fine writing.

Mystic_Mom said...

Very well written, love the flow of images, especially the purple tears.

Anonymous said...

Strong vivid images - and so tight - love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

So vivid - not a word out of place - love it!

Susan said...

"these are the seams of the city" to "stitch ourselves to these streets" WOW

kaykuala said...

Great flow of imagery, strong in every word play! The river confluence of it all can bring a rush of emotions in the flow! Great write!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Just love this!The imagery, the seams of the city, the aubergine motif, the river flowing from the hair, the moving forward and doubling back on the images. Rich write!

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Love this, love the imagery, just love it!

Anna :o]

Mama Zen said...

I love the way this all comes together!