01 January 2012

like platelets

a soft accumulation

of stars

the obsolete sky


spitting colour

it's an odd scar

the years end

scissors snip the stitches

not knowing

how it will heal

a half smile on my skin

a rubicon

I'm unmoved

all that seems different

is the sky

trying to find it's voice

it's tongue made of Jupiter

lips poised


to an imagined shape

as each word arises

it pops

and fizzles

stuttering into a shower of sparks

a bark

of frustration

a small

pear shaped puddle

beneath the canopy

of the station entrance

the warm

orange glow of a street lamp


a flame without a candle

amongst the yellow grid

of a parking space

and suddenly i'm

thinking about Bukowski

specifically his bare feet

his one pair of shoes

his floppy laces

have I ever seen

the Edge of myself?

*last line ripped straight outta "see here, you" by charles bukowski - his line goes "you have never seen the Edge of yourself"


Judge Whisky said...

As I read I could hear the gentle timbre of your voice in every line. I felt as if I was there, taking in your surroundings with you.
Favourite line: it's tongue made of Jupiter.

Claudia said...

love the tongue made of jupiter and of course your pointing to bukowski - he's one of the poets i can feel most..and now i'm wondering if i have ever seen my own edge.. hope you had a good start into 2012 cat

Brian Miller said...

nice was reading buk last night before bed...have we found the end of ourselves...not yet but still searching...smiles....the tongue made of jupiter is a great line! happy new year

Kathy Bischoping said...

So many gorgeous fluid images, the obsolete sky, the uncertain scar and pear-shaped puddle, and the progression from stark contrasts in colder colours toward warmth! I was a bit lost about how the tongue is made of Jupiter, which I associate with a planet of war in myth or with dire cold and multiple moons. I'm unfamiliar with the Bukowski reference, but the poem carried me through nonetheless.

cat said...

thank you all for your kind and thoughtful comments. Kathy the Jupiter reference was a mostly literal one as it was clearly visible in the sky behind the fireworks as I was watching them and I had this thought in my head of the sky as a mouth and the fireworks being some sign of it's sound, it's stifled voice.

Mark Kerstetter said...

I don't know how it's possible to 'see' the edge of one's self - just be it, or rather be on the edge of being. For this reader there's enough edginess in your poem to survive nicely without Bukowski's invocation. Have a beautiful and poetry filled 2012!

marousia said...

Ah - beautiful images - so much in so few words :)

^.^ said...

Hey, Cat, this is cat :) stumbled onto your marvelous blog via Claudia :) Love every word as you speak directly to my soul gifted port you ... will follow you ... inviting you to do the same, if you like. Love, cat.