09 July 2011


she does this discreetly
it goes to the core of coping
your inside yourself
your stone blue spinal column
not able to look out
to challenge the status quo of
to change from theories into a formula for breathing 


Brian Miller said... the word collage on the pic...great bit of 'word' make them spin...

Claudia said...

i wonder what was first - the poem and then you cut out the words and made the collage or did you do the collage first and see how it "fell"..? cool word art - yes

cat said...

Thanks both for your comments. Claudia, I cut a whole bunch of words out and then played with them and as you said, just watched how it fell, the collage wrote itself so to speak.

Madame Sweetcheeks said...

Wonderfully creative. Love it. I want to recreate that photo--what bliss!