08 April 2013

I ask you in callouses
in the callouses of my tongue
looped together
in the blues
in the lowest chord
in flat notes
in tune
I ask you in knots
and scars and smiles
I ask you in islands
in the islands of my tongue
I wait in the shade
and I never explain
I ask you in islands


S.M. Abeles said...


repressedsoul said...

I like this. More questions than answers..that's life!

Penelope Jones said...

Lovely words! :)

ayala said...

A cool write!

Brian Miller said...

its a very cool poem cat

Heaven said...

Creative word weaving, thanks ~

Arron Shilling said...

This is hot in a cool way:
a dangerous but delicate duality hard to deliver in the right dose
but . . .

I ask you in islands
in the islands of my tongue

is shipwreckingly good -
I imagine finding it in washed-up
bottle and spring a step in the sand! said...

Is there ever an answer? Intriguing.

rumoursofrhyme said...

I enjoyed the enigmatic voice of this poem - more questions than answers.