07 April 2012


Photograph courtesy of Tracey Grumbach

how many geometries
without me in them reading
blank maps
with a clean mind
sediment of shadow in a delta
of lines
stillness of objects
withholding motion
gentle sentinels
calming the promise of momentum
spindles, bearings bow
to the kindness
of wood I
standing in the gateway
of a tertiary existence
catching zygotes of
philosophy on my chalk dust tongue


Brian Miller said...

nice touches in the early focus on geometry...there are a ton of lines in this...the object withholding motion and the chalk dust tongue...

zongrik said...

i also like the geometry. the picture has parallel lines and the bicycles wheels represent angular momentum and geometry

black tailed fliers/

Henry Clemmons said...

Another poem that allows my college education to come in handy. Well done and clever!

Shawna said...

Little Miss Punk, I like you. I think this may be my first time here.

These are my favorites:
"how many geometries"
"sediment of shadow in a delta
of lines"
"the stillness of objects withholding motion"
"standing in the gateway
of a tertiary existence"
"catching zygotes of
philosophy on my chalk dust tongue"

Yes, I know that's practically the entire poem. :)

"the kindness
of wood I" ... so clever (would I)

This is my favorite kind of poem, one that could have any number of interpretations, one that hints at a story and emotion but hides more truth than it reveals.

I'm going to keep rereading and start a new comment.

Shawna said...

How many spaces, places, planes, and angles in which you are absent? Perhaps physically, perhaps mentally ... checked out of the moment, barely present. Blank maps - no direction, clarity, or purpose. Clean mind - is that even possible? Maybe "clean" means blank or erased.

Darkness settled to the bottom of a delta, a river, a person, a triangle of lines (perhaps in love, confusion, choices, future). All is frozen in a state of indecision, determining potential bravery (would I).

On the brink of a new adventure, perhaps ... sounds like university life. What is next? What shall you make of all you're learning and being challenged with?

"zygotes of philosophy" ... I just love this. Excellent closing thought.

marousia said...

Love your minimalist approach - the whole poem 'spoke' to me

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

I'am really bad with that stuff, but you kept my interest so well done piece of work here.And I like what you have written. said...

I like how you weave the kinetic potential, geometry, and philosophical ruminations into something holistic and intriguing.

Claudia said...

nice weave of the geometry in here...playing off the bike but then take it way further...and...catching zygotes of philosophy on my chalk dust tongue...loved it cat

hedgewitch said...

This is so good. This picture is strangely compelling in a very geometric, almost Escher-ish way and you nailed that, the lines, the spindles vs the gears(and circles of wheels,) and took off and made it totally your own. Esp like '..the/ stillness of objects/withholding motion..' as well as how you place yourself outside, in "a tertiary existence..' Fine poem.