18 October 2011

Neruda knew the Just Is

Neruda knew the Just Is

how it hangs

between clavicles and vowels

and illuminates the half cut city skyline

how it howls

and caws

how it sits

on a dead poets hill

and looks out

like a sentry

or an angel made of bricks

canals like slit

veins bleed

through the buildings

the tallest i

I've ever seen

blooming buds the shape of

satellite dishes


of a new age where the page

is a punch card and a key fob

10 October 2011

Richard rolls his rizla

Richard rolls

his rizla

carefully around the cut price duty free 50 gram


of Golden Virginia

£4.20 from his man he says

I ask about his Mrs

a sigh as he sinks

into the old

brickwork beneath the dying

hanging baskets


cancer chemo blood

in her urine

"Marconi Rapier missiles"

falls from his


in a rhythmic haze

a glimpse

of what he was