18 October 2011

Neruda knew the Just Is

Neruda knew the Just Is

how it hangs

between clavicles and vowels

and illuminates the half cut city skyline

how it howls

and caws

how it sits

on a dead poets hill

and looks out

like a sentry

or an angel made of bricks

canals like slit

veins bleed

through the buildings

the tallest i

I've ever seen

blooming buds the shape of

satellite dishes


of a new age where the page

is a punch card and a key fob


Diana Lee said...

'..canals like slit
veins bleed...' ~ 21 lines cut and pared to perfection.

Pat Hatt said...

Strong piece, really hits home, nicely done!

Brian Miller said... imagery and def carries its weight in the punch card...smiles. excellent verse

Anonymous said...

Love the imagery in this poem.

Particulary the lines "and illuminates the half cut city skyline", "blooming buds the shape of
satellite dishes" and "how it sits
on a dead poets hill".

Great poem.

Ravenblack said...

Love the urban impressions -- "half cut city skyline" and "blooming buds the shape of satellite dishes". Enjoyed this.


Monika said...

Some of the wonderful imagery here. Terrific it is!

Ann LeFlore said...

a key bob from a punch card what an excellent ending so well done

joanna said...

some awesome images here... "how it hangs/ between clavicles and vowels...", plus I love the abrupt line lengths. great piece. :)

Jeff said...

Were you to gain entry, you may hear his voice still resonates. Or does the angel say his words now?

I think there is a spiritual tone to your poem, soft yet moving. Nice.

It is not often an oyster yields a pearl. Here is an exception.


omiT said...

Another really good poem, Cat. Referencing Neruda's tomatoes and beautiful nudes and commitment to social justice ('Just Is')in the urban pathos of London. And all held together with the hiphop-esque wordplay and internal rhyme of the title. Think it might just have turned the corners of the laureate's lips ever so slightly upwards.