01 May 2011

the smallest scarecrow

the puffed
straw stuffed chests
of the older bogles
through their sackcloth clothes
the smallest scarecrow
to the barren lands
face bevelled
by desert winds
his one leg
into many
his outstretcehd
bent in
the smallest scarecrow
the talk
of arable lands
"have you heard?"
"he walks!"
"no crows?"
"no crops?"

photo by Rosa Frei

offered as part of One Stop Poetry's One Shot Sunday


Javthompson said...

Love it! Great photo too. ;)

dustus said...

55 meaningful, well placed words. Sure this is your first one? smiles

Brian Miller said...

this is awesome...i so wanted to do that pic but the words came from another...very well played...

Rosa said...

Lovely lines, love your poem! Thank you so much for complementing my image with your words!

Jana said...

lovely :)

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Fine spin on the scarecrow

Costis Demos {Ghostdog} said...

would expect no less from cat, than a poem beautiful, meaningful and in every aspect, unique. Multiple levels of perception and understanding, original simile, emotion, a hidden hero, sounds and images. Just awesome.

Isabel said...

love it.

Steve Isaak said...

Exemplary, perfect, distinctive.